New and Fairly Improved Design

Powerful and Super Quiet. The portablow fan is composed of an upgraded motor and an aerodynamic inlet/outlet grille, which reduces air resistance and makes the wind stronger with lower noise. The maximum wind speed reaches 2.8/s. The noise level is between 30-55db. The perfect personal fan for sleeping and working

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Feeling hot? Stay cool with our hands-free neck fan! Just slip it on and enjoy refreshing airflow around your neck and face. Runs for hours on a single charge. Perfect for working, exercising, or lounging on scorching days!

- Verified Buyer -

"What impressed me the most was the battery life I work in the back so having this on was a game changer thank you"

- Anthony R.

"I like the quality"

- Michael H.

"If you work in ware house yk this come in clutch"

- Damone B.
Los Angeles, CA

"One charge brought me through my whole shift"

- Jermaine T.

"Fits Comfortable"

- Angela D.

"Easy to use"

- Suzan E

"Came earlier than expected"

- Michelle F

"I like mine life saver in this FL weather"

- Ramoy N

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